At Studio Caba we care.

We care about people

That is why we are always nice to everybody. Seriously, it is within our culture as a company to have respectful, empathic and kind communication with our partners, customers and colleagues.

We are a multicultural team, making the best out of the European and Latin American cultural blend, embracing the advantages of being different but equal, complementing and learning from each other.

Our employees’ well-being is extremely important for us. We have a flexible format, to make sure they always have a healthy balance between work and life.
Their opinions and ideas are always taken into consideration, at Any Image everybody has a say.

We care about our planet

That is why we try every day to keep our production as eco-friendly. Our complete production system begins and ends in Europe. From raw materials, to assembling, packaging and shipping, we keep our production chain at a short distance, to reduce carbon contamination as much as possible.

In this way, we are also certain about the kind of materials we use. All our products are made with certified (FSC) paper and wood.
We developed a customized packaging for each product, in order to avoid volume waste.
We recently started the process of Upcycling. This means we use materials from products we no longer use, to create new and different products, giving it a second life and new function.

It is our belief that we all still have a long way to go in this subject, but it is our purpose and commitment to keep improving every day, in order to contribute as much as possible from the role we play as a Company.

We care about the message

The one we send out there every day with our actions, products and words. We think carefully about what we say, what our images tell, always taking into consideration  ethical values and principles of social responsibility.